More service, less effort

The Deutsche Plasser sales team is in constant dialogue with customers to best understand their wishes and requirements. This has resulted in a new initiative that will simplify the processes associated with maintenance and repairs for our customers and make them more bespoke at the same time.

Many of our customers are familiar with the challenge when the wear parts of a machine have come to the end of their service life and have to be replaced. This usually means that the spare parts catalogue for the machine has to be picked up to find the IT numbers of the required parts. This is where we would like to simplify the process in future by offering spare parts packages.

Spare parts packages

The idea behind this is simple: we just reverse the process. Instead of having to search through the spare parts catalogue of a machine, you will be able to go through standardised lists arranged by subject and identify the appropriate spare parts package for your machine.

For example, you are operating a Unimat 09-32/4S, which is normally equipped with one of two possible tamping units. If you need a new set of tamping tines for this machine in future, you will only need to look up the list of offers under the machine name. There you will find the appropriate and complete set of tamping tines for your tamping unit. The parts will be delivered in one box which will make the logistical processes easier as well. All this will save you time and effort. On top of that, this package will be available at a special price!

Prompt delivery

A call-off agreement will ensure timely and guaranteed delivery of spare parts. This offer is aimed primarily at those customers who have their own workshops and carry out maintenance and repair activities themselves. Here, we will work closely with you to ensure that the parts you ordered for the work to be carried out will arrive on time.

Spare parts packages within a framework agreement

A contract on spare parts packages within a framework agreement goes a step further. In this type of framework agreement, we agree on the spare parts relevant for your machine and allocate a fixed part number and fixed price for these. When required, these can be requested at short notice and with avoiding unnecessary red tape. The process of enquiry and offer will no longer be necessary as this has already been dealt with during the negotiations for the framework agreement. With this scheme we also ensure that the requested parts arrive at your location on time to integrate perfectly in your processes.

Modular maintenance package

The next level will be a new model of our service contracts. The basic idea is that of service modules. This is a response to our customers’ wishes for making our offerings more bespoke.

We will define different modules in three categories, i.e. predictive, preventive and corrective; these can be combined according to customer requirements. Customers will have the possibility to put together their own bespoke package that is tailored to their specific requirements and needs.

Starting in second quarter

Our team is still finalising the details so that there will be a smooth introduction to the new offering. We aim to start the new service offerings in the second quarter of this year. We will provide you with detailed information in good time.

You are of course welcome to contact us now if you would like us to prepare a tailor-made offer for you. We will be happy to put together the package that will work best for your requirements.

The module categories

  • Predictive: condition-based documentation of your machine, e.g. in a VEDO audit
  • Preventive: interventions on your machines based on regular intervals, e.g. periodic inspections
  • Corrective: repair of your machine based on faults, e.g. with a spare parts package or an individually agreed multi-step plan