A busy winter followed by a busy summer

Things are going very well at the Opladen-Leverkusen maintenance workshop. The facility was working at full capacity throughout the winter. At the beginning of March, we can already see that there will be a lot to do in the warm season, too. At the same time the implementation of digitalising the work processes is progressing well.

Last autumn, we were expecting an intense winter in the maintenance workshop. And this is exactly what happened. The shop floor was practically full in the past months. It is now March 2019, and the machines that had arrived for an overhaul are nearly ready. In previous years, a little breathing space would follow this period of intense activity. This is no longer the case. The staff at the facility already know how much work is waiting for them up to September 2019.

Perhaps even more welcome is that Workshop Manager Sven Peters has already been able to start planning for the winter season of 2019/20. The fact that we have been more proactive in approaching our customers and inviting them to plan longer term in co-operation with us is taking effect.

From the paperless office to the paperless workshop

At the same time the digitalisation of our work processes is progressing well. We reported about the electronic information boards on the shop floor in the last issue of update. Our staff are now using these as a matter of course to keep up-to-date. In the next stage electronic terminals will be installed. From there staff will be able to directly access all the information required for the next work step. The work sheets which were used previously will no longer be necessary. Staff will now complete a PDF sheet at the terminal and send this to management after the work has been completed.

With this change the management will always be up-to-date about the current situation in the workshop. In future, spot checks will be sufficient to check the work processes. On the other hand, the workshop staff will have the advantage of being able to work on a project uninterrupted and not have to switch from one project to another at short notice. For our customers, this means a further improvement in the quality of our work. The first stage of the “paperless workshop” project will be implemented in 2019. Further expansion stages will follow.

More capacity due to new members of staff

As a result of the full capacity but also with a view to being able to deal with orders at short notice quickly, we will employ four to six new members of staff this year.

Sven Peters: “Last year we introduced new structures and a new organisation in the workshop. This winter has shown that this was the right way to go. Now we will gradually be adding to our workforce and the infrastructure to make best use of these new structures. Why we do all this is clear: There is an ever increasing demand for our services.”

Our customers‘ view

 “We have been working with Deutsche Plasser in Leverkusen-Opladen since day one. For us the workshop is of crucial importance. Everything we need is available on site. For all the things we need on top of that we have access to a whole network from here. That the organisation has changed over the last year has not escaped us. You can see that from many work processes, which are now organised differently. I cannot assess what this means for the company internally, but as a customer I feel that they want to cater for our needs even more. And that is of course brilliant.”

Dieter Brauer

Project Manager at Hubert Gleisbau

08-475/4S at the tender age of 25:
Overhaul and comprehensive repair work starts now

The tamping machine 08-475/4S is just under 25 years young. The operating company has been maintaining it on a regular basis. Therefore, it is worth for the machine to now undergo a complete overhaul and even an upgrade.

This will be carried out at the Leverkusen-Opladen maintenance workshop from March to May 2019.

  • Main inspection
  • Painting both machine parts, including flame straightening of the trailer
  • Renewal of electric lines to all consumers
  • Renewal of switch, control and display elements
  • Renewal of shoulder compactor and new positioning
  • Modification of measuring wheels to split design
  • Modification of cross beam guide (lining trolley) to linear guiding
  • Repair of mechanical working parts (lifting-lining unit, slewing device, tamping units, etc.)
  • Installation of new ALC-DRP set