The next step in maintenance and service: PlasserDatamatic

The path to the immediate future has already been forged with 'PlasserDatamatic'. This is a modular expansion for all Plasser & Theurer machines. The first machines with this system are already being successfully used in Austria and Great Britain.

It means that both the operators of a machine and the service provider can access all data and processes of the maintenance machines. In this case, it is important that access decisions are always made by the customer; remote access is only possible via a key switch which must be activated by the customer.

Two levels of expansion

The system has two expansion levels. The 'PlasserDatamatic-LiveInfo' module is aimed at schedulers and directors of operations. Important process data and the GPS position and working direction of each individual machine can be called up at any time online or via mobile.

The 'PlasserDatamaticRecorder' module connects all machine processes with a database in the customer's office automatically and online. Processes, machine settings and operating parameters are linked to the absolute GPS position and saved for each working step. The recorded data is available for analyses and reports and therefore contributes to efficient planning of machine maintenance.

Great potential for maintenance and service

Use of this system offers great potential for the maintenance and servicing of track laying machines. From checking the current status of a machine to efficient planning of maintenance work and reduced service times, there are clear economic advantages for the customer and an important contribution is made to ensuring optimum availability of the machine.