Teamwork across all borders

The close co-operation between Deutsche Plasser and the Plasser & Theurer parent plant in Linz plays an essential part in the smooth handling of orders. In addition, it creates highly favourable preconditions for our service offerings throughout the whole life cycle of a machine. Here, we would like to introduce two members of our staff whose exemplary collaboration in delivering the MISS work vehicles to Deutsch Bahn (Multifunctional Maintenance Vehicle Track Infrastructure) is outlined below.

Simon Stöbich, Plasser & Theurer

Simon Stöbich is a qualified mechanical engineer. He joined Plasser & Theurer in Linz in 2010 and has worked in different areas of production, from mechanical manufacturing through to final assembly. So, he has in-depth knowledge about the workings and special design features of Plasser & Theurer machines.

In 2017 he moved to the “Approvals and Acceptance” department where he is responsible for the machines to be delivered to the markets covered by Deutsche Plasser.

Full control during production

Simon Stöbich’s area of responsibility starts well before the machines are being produced. He checks all the technical documents available prior to production, starting with the order. An important task - this way he can ensure that the machine to be built conforms in all details to the machine specified by the customer. Here it is worth mentioning that every Plasser & Theurer machine is practically tailor-made and that even within certain machine types there can be variations which the customer wants to have incorporated.

During the production phase Mr Stöbich ensures that the quality standards are adhered to. In case of any problems he gets in touch with the responsible department in the factory to find quick solutions. An important element during the production phase are the regular production status updates sent to Deutsche Plasser in Munich: I keep in constant contact with Deutsche Plasser so that they know everything about the relevant parameters from when production starts.”

Machine acceptance with customers and our member of staff in Munich

Of course, Mr Stöbich also oversees the commissioning of the machine at the Linz factory and has direct access to all approvals documents. The preliminary end point of his work is the machine acceptance where a customer representative and our Munich member of staff also take part. Mr Stöbich will then hand over all machine documents to Deutsche Plasser. Following the handover of the machine to the customer he will be at hand throughout the machine service life to supply any technical expertise or to assist with the procurement of original spare parts.

„From the award of a contract through to the acceptance of machines I make sure that the customer gets exactly what they have ordered.“

Simon Stöbich
Mechanical engineer, Plasser & Theurer

Florian Müller, Deutsche Plasser

Florian Müller completed his apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician at Deutsche Plasser. He then spent six months as a field engineer and then another six months in technical customer service. He also completed a two-year advanced training course in mechatronics. Since 2018, he has been responsible for the support of newly commissioned MISS work vehicles at Deutsche Plasser.

As the direct contact for Simon Stöbich in Linz he takes part in the machine acceptance in Linz. This takes about a week where the machines are checked over by the customer representative and Mr Müller.

Point of contact for our customers

His knowledge of all things technical about the machine, including all aspects of its production history, make Florian Müller the ideal point of contact for our customers. He retains this role over the two-year warranty period, and it is he who plans and supports any service engineer assignments and who manages the supply of original spare parts.

Close cooperation

He greatly appreciates the cooperation with Simon Stöbich: „ Based on this system of co-operation we are able to process a speedy handover of machines and thus the machines are ready for deployment very quickly. This contact between Munich and Linz remains throughout the service life of a machine and has great benefits. Should there be any issues at any point a quick and lasting solution can be found thanks to this direct contact.”

„This continuous and close co-operation with Simon Stöbich at Plasser & Theurer Linz is the ideal precondition for being able to provide the perfect support for the machine.”

Florian Müller
Technical Customer Service, Deutsche Plasser