Strong together

Our Munich workshop has been busy over the winter months. Optimisation and an upgraded test rig allow for an even faster throughput and more realistic testing of tamping units than before.

During the quiet winter months track construction machines are normally not in much use due to the weather. The operating companies use this time for maintenance and repairs; for our workshop in Munich this means intense activity as many work units are repaired and refurbished. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, no less than 60 tamping units went through our workshop and were sent back to the customer in as good as new condition.


This impressive number is not least the result of a continuous effort of our workshop team to further optimise processes. This winter, headed up by Franjo Basic and Simon Seibert, the workshop areas were restructured, resulting in significantly optimised paths. In doing so, space was made available for a new crane, which will contribute to shortening the throughput time of tamping units even further.

Test rig upgrade

Our well-proven test rig for tamping units was updated and upgraded in its functions. It is now possible to increase the rotation speed during squeezing. This enables an even more realistic simulation of the conditions of use of a tamping unit and allows us to assess its functionality more accurately than before.

High-resolution, fixed thermal imaging cameras provide precise temperature measurement of certain components. Any anomalies occurring on a tamping unit can now be identified and rectified quickly.

New damping units, on which the tamping unit is positioned during the tests, reduce both vibration and noise emissions. This makes it possible to attribute any noise more accurately to the tamping unit and to determine even more accurate measurement values.

Furthermore, the duration of a test run could be reduced from eight to four hours. This not only increases the workshop capacity, but the workshop also becomes more flexible in responding to any peculiarities occurring during the test run.

High throughput

The impressive figure of 60 repaired tamping units in this winter season is not least the result of these changes, i.e. the optimised processes combined with the upgraded test rig.

“The processing times depend on the condition of the specific tamping unit. It usually takes us around 8 weeks to refurbish a tamping unit”, says Franjo Basic, who manages the repair workshop in Munich. Together with Simon Seibert, his deputy, he ensures that the tamping units are refurbished to the usual high quality standard of Deutsche Plasser.

Strong leadership team

Both men have long-standing experience and are highly qualified experts. Franjo Basic started at Deutsche Plasser in 2002 as a CNC operator and then did a degree in mechanical engineering. Since his graduation in 2014 he has been heading up the repair workshop in Munich.

After his training to become a construction mechanic and initial work experience, Simon Seibert joined Deutsche Plasser in 2003. From 2006 to 2007 he qualified as a master metalworker. He has worked in many areas of our company and so was able to get to know all those areas that come in useful in his job today.

In addition, Simon Seibert trained as an international welding expert in 2015 and has since been in charge of welding in Munich. He is also the workshop’s key user for our materials management system and so contributes significantly to supporting the workshop processes with its software.

Continuous optimisation

The teamwork in the workshop is excellent. Apart from a commitment to a highly motivated workforce and to quality and meeting deadlines, both place great emphasis on continuously optimising “their” workshop.

“We don’t rest on our laurels and are not satisfied with what we have achieved. We will always try harder and continuously improve our processes to become even more efficient than our customers are already used to”, says Simon Seibert.

“Our top priority is for the refurbished tamping unit to be of the same high quality we are used to.  To ensure this and improve it even further we are constantly optimising our processes."

Franjo Basic

Head of Repair Workshop Munich

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