Retrofit & fixed prices

Results of the customer survey

Last year we carried out a customer survey on our spare parts management. The results will help us optimise our offering even further. Two subject areas were especially popular: retrofit and fixed prices.


Our retrofit offer is a response to our customers’ requirements when they don’t want to replace a machine that has been working well for many years but still want to make use of new technologies to make the machine even more efficient.

This type of modernisation means that the basic substance of a machine is retained and upgrades and replacements are only made where the customer requests this. It is a targeted approach, to replace components where new technologies will result in higher productivity. Typical examples include the digital Data Recording Processor DRP, the new guiding computer SmartALC or the rotation speed modulation for tamping units.

Of course, a lot depends on the current condition of the machine but upgrading a machine to the latest technology is not as cost intensive as the purchase of a new machine. We expect the cost of a retrofit to be significantly lower than the purchase price of a new machine.

An even greater benefit are the timescales. A retrofit takes eight to ten months, depending on the scope of work and the size of the machine. After that, the machine will go straight back to work on the track.

45% more fixed prices

At the end of 2018, we published the first edition of our service catalogue. The aim was to provide our customers and potential customers with a transparent overview of our service offering, with three immediate benefits: time savings, less admin effort and better planning security.

We are publishing new editions of the catalogue at regular intervals, adding further offers and information on our services. Where possible, we will also provide fixed prices for the new services. We are now at edition 6 and are pleased that this edition has 45% more fixed prices than the 1st edition.

The feedback has been very positive. Our customers appreciate the support they get with their calculations as well as the transparency of the service descriptions. The latter especially contribute to an in-depth understanding of what is involved and so avoid differing interpretations of a scope of services.


The survey feedback shows that we have understood our customers’ requirements and are responding with the right initiatives and offers. We are pleased about this, as we have pledged to intensify the dialogue with our business partners.

We are always open for suggestions from our customers, also outside of surveys. If we can help you, please get in touch. We are there for you!


You'd like to receive our service catalogue? Please go here to give us your permission to send you product information or ask your contact at Deutsche Plasser. We will gladly send you a copy!py!