Modernisation of tried and tested tamping machines

At the turn of the year, the service team of our Polish office carried out an upgrade of three two-sleeper tamping machines of the 09-32 CSM series. The machines belonging to the infrastructure operator Przedsiębiorstwo Napraw Infrastruktury (PNI) were made fit for future tasks.

The machines have been in successful operation in Poland for many years. The Polish national railway (PKP PLK) is currently preparing new directives as part of numerous initiatives for increasing the line speed; these directives will stipulate the use of recorders and thus accurate documentation of tamping work. PNI decided to have the tamping machines upgraded to be prepared for this change.

SmartALC & DRP retrofit

In order to meet the new specifications, our Polish service engineers installed a SmartALC automatic guiding computer and a DRP electronic recorder into each of the three tamping machines at the customer’s premises in Warsaw from December to January. Before that, the measuring transducers of the machines were overhauled and repaired.


The SmartALC automatic guiding computer is at the centre of computer-based track geometry production for tamping machines and sets new standards with regard to user-friendliness and process reliability. In addition to the two work procedures for optimising the track geometry that are standard around the globe, i.e. the compensation method when the track geometry is not known and the precision method when the track geometry is known, the Spot Tamping method for correcting isolated defects can be offered as a third option, if requested.


The DRP electronic data recording processor records, evaluates, and displays various track parameters, such as longitudinal level, alignment, cross level, twist etc. The measuring equipment supplies analogue signals. These are read in at regular intervals, stored after analogue-to-digital conversion, and displayed on the monitor. The fully digitised processing of the measurement values offers many new possibilities for evaluation. The real-time display on the touch panel PC enables the immediate analysis of the individual channels and allows for describing individual events using the commenting function.

“Our customer is very happy with the upgraded machines and the new possibilities these now offer. We are still in close contact with them to fine-tune some settings in line with customer requests.”

Jakub Dzierżanowski

Deutsche Plasser Poland