Maintain machines more easily and efficiently

Maintaining track maintenance machines is crucial. A new app will provide support from daily inspections to yearly maintenance.

Currently being developed and tested, the basic concept of the application is to provide the machine operator with a digital check list. The aim is to carry out and document all maintenance tasks via the app. At first, the focus in on the tamping unit, but the scope of the app will be constantly expanded. MachineMaintenanceGuide (MMG) will be available for free for smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems.

Simplified maintenance

The app will connect the machine operators, the customer’s fleet management and, if necessary, the service partner, such as Deutsche Plasser. Precisely defined allocations regulate who may access certain functions, making it easier to ensure that the required maintenance tasks are carried out.

The app offers a wide range of functions. These include the simple confirmation of the daily inspection through the machine personnel using check lists with clear work instructions to be carried out step by step. Moreover, it allows coordinating and planning large maintenance operations carried out by a service technician of Deutsche Plasser or in our Leverkusen-Opladen maintenance workshop.

If a problem is identified, it can be commented on using texts and photos, enabling the full documentation of machine maintenance. All actions documented via the app are saved. They give a full overview of the works carried out during the machine’s service life.

Fleet management keeps track

The MMG enables the fleet management of the machine operator to access information on the status of all machines, regardless of the machine and maintenance staff. If problems occur, the measures required to solve them can be assessed more easily based on the available data. Damage can be detected and repaired at an early stage, increasing the availability of the machine. In addition, the app informs about future inspections and supports the fleet management in maintenance planning.

Download and installation

The app is currently being tested. Following its completion, it will be available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once you install it on your device, we will create your personal login and send you the individual maintenance data for your machine via the app.

We will inform you as soon as the app will be available. Moreover, we will help you create your personal account and assist in using the MMG. Already now, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the details of the application and show you how you and your company can benefit from it. Please ask your Key Account Manager!

“The MachineMaintenanceGuide supports machine operators in the maintenance of their machines. From the daily inspection by the machine personnel to the planning of larger maintenance works: the app will simplify maintenance!”

Bernhard Maier
Prokurist, P&T Connected