International centre of excellence

If there is a service that has a special link to Deutsche Plasser, it is the reconditioning of tamping units. Ever since we founded our company, we have gathered a lot of expertise and experience in this area.

For decades, our customers have appreciated our competence in this area, and this year we are pleased to report yet another increase in orders. For our partner companies, too, we are a highly respected contact for anything to do with the reconditioning of tamping units.

Support from Deutsche Plasser

While for us this has been one of our key services since the beginning, some of our partner companies are only just starting out in this area. As there is a big demand from machine operators to carry out these overhauls locally, our partners are keen to set up their own departments. Based on our excellent reputation in this area we are often asked to support them.

Visits to Munich

This support usually starts off with a visit to our workshop in Munich. Here, our guests will familiarise themselves with our processes and our quality requirements, which at the same time are a benchmark for their own efforts.

Over the last few years we have welcomed delegations from Brazil, India, Australia, South Korea and the USA in Munich. Usually, one visit is not enough; usually, subsequent visits by engineers, who will have to recondition the tamping units at their premises, will follow.

They will spend several weeks in Munich and shadow our specialist staff in their daily work. This way all work steps, from the preparatory work through to the test run and the necessary documentation, can be taught thoroughly, and the visiting engineers can gather initial hands-on experience.

Local support

When partner companies start to set up their own departments, our support is not confined to visits in Munich, but we will assist them locally to ensure the best implementation. In July 2019, our experienced engineer Alexander Schneider spent four weeks in the USA with Plasser American to assist them with setting up a department for the overhaul of tamping units.

Mr Schneider has been with Deutsche Plasser for 17 years, has spent the last 15 years in our repair technology department in Munich and is regularly deployed for machine repairs in the field. During this time, he has become an expert for Plasser & Theurer tamping units and therefore a competent contact for our partner companies.

Joint kick-off in Virginia

His stay in Virginia marked the kick-off for tamping unit overhauls in North America. Mr Schneider instructed the local members of staff in the basic principles and guided them along the different work steps.

Plasser American has ambitious plans. A new workshop will be built for the overhaul of the tamping units, and the responsible team will be expanded. The staff working in this area already had strong basic skills and initial experiences; our member of staff had the task of “finetuning” these in different areas.

A deliberate decision was made to cover a wide range of tasks. From preparatory work, such as the organisation of the tools and resources or the frame measurement, on to the finishing of individual components and the revision of the documentation through to the assembly and testing of the tamping units – nothing was left out.

Alexander Schneider and his US colleagues managed to fully overhaul two tamping units in these first four weeks - and to the proven Deutsche Plasser quality.

And there is more to come. Within the next year, Mr Schneider will travel back to Plasser American to carry out an analysis with the American team of the experience gained thus far. The results will serve as a basis for further training that he will deliver afterwards. Deutsche Plasser continues to remain a close partner for tamping unit overhauls in North America.

Close cooperation with Plasser & Theurer

Apart from our long-standing experience and vast technical expertise, another building block for our excellent reputation in tamping unit overhauls is the close cooperation with the manufacturer Plasser & Theurer.

Our engineers work closely with the experts in Linz and so have direct access to the latest technologies and insights. All this feeds into our day-to-day work and ensures the high quality of our service.

Renowned globally

In the USA or India, in Australia, Asia or South America: Deutsche Plasser and its employees are renowned all over the world for their expertise in reconditioning and overhauling tamping units. Yet, we do not rest on our laurels but always endeavour to do better. We will never lose sight of our ultimate aim: to ensure the best possible availability of tamping machines from Plasser & Theurer.

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