Focusing on your machines

Our new service catalogue gives an overview of the services offered by Deutsche Plasser. In the first edition of the service catalogue, you can find maintenance offerings for measurement and other components, which represent a fundamental function of your machine.


We offer a fixed price for functional checks, overhauls and repair work for the following components:

  • Circuit boards
  • Pendulums
  • Transducers
  • Recorders
  • ALC

In addition, you will find the current terms for our service technicians and services at our maintenance workshop Opladen.

Options available to you

We offer three different service options within the scope of our fixed prices. The individual work steps may vary slightly depending on the component, but in principle, the following work is covered:


The following work is included in a functional test:

  • Checking of technical and functional requirements
  • Fault analysis

The following work is not included:

  • Repair, cleaning



The following work is included in an overhaul:

  • Functional test
  • Replacement of wear parts that are fitted
  • External cleaning and painting
  • Checking and adjusting

The following work is not included in an overhaul:

  • Replacement of defective components, which are not defined as wear parts.



The following work is included in a repair:

  • Functional test
  • Disassembly, cleaning and painting
  • Replacement of defective components
  • Assembly, checking and adjusting


Please note the respective conditions listed in the service catalogue.

Continuously expanded

All details of this offer are provided in our new service catalogue, which is continuously expanded. The catalogue shows the products for which we are currently able to offer fixed prices. It also explains the scope of the work offered and the applicable conditions.

If you do not yet have a service catalogue, please ask your contact and we will send you one as soon as possible.

Offer to overhaul work units

Our offer to overhaul work units, which has existed for some time, was our first step to fixed prices. Of course, this offer continues to be available.

Your benefits

Our new offer has a number of benefits. Up to now, components were thoroughly checked by our experts. An individual quotation was drawn up on the basis of this check. This check will no longer be carried out. This saves time and administrative effort. The component will be ready for operation more quickly and thus contribute to increased availability of your machine.

In addition, fixed prices also offer more certainty for financial planning. Up to now, the costs for repair or overhaul work could only be estimated after a check carried out by us, but now they are known in advance and can be taken into account during planning.

Time savings, less administrative effort and planning certainty: three direct benefits for our customers.

Obviously, you also profit from our long-standing experience and the exclusive use of original spare and wear parts by Plasser & Theurer.

“Our service catalogue gives a transparent overview of our services.”

Marketing & development team