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Machine upgrade impresses customers

The Dutch company BAM Infra Rail decided to upgrade its Unimat 09-32/4S after more than 10 years of operation. Deutsche Plasser upgraded the machine successfully, making it possible to increase the machine’s performance even more. The next upgrade has already been arranged.

New rotation speed modulation for tamping units

In 2006, BAM Infra Rail acquired a Unimat 09-32/4S. Since then, the machine has been successfully operated on work sites throughout the Netherlands. When Plasser & Theurer introduced new upgrade offers, the company opted to upgrade to the new rotation speed modulation for tamping units. In spring 2017, the machine was upgraded in our Leverkusen-Opladen maintenance workshop.

The new rotation speed modulation makes it possible to modulate the rotation speed of tamping units during the individual work phases. The system increases the rotation speed when penetrating the ballast bed. As a result, the tamping tines penetrate highly compacted ballast beds more easily. At the same time, wear is demonstrably reduced.

For squeezing, we continue to use the optimal frequency of 35 Hz. When the tamping unit is raised, idle speed is reduced. These modulations not only reduce the wear on the unit, but also lower the fuel consumption by up to 10%.

In addition, the new rotation speed modulation reduces both the noise and the vibrations emitted at the tamper’s workplace. At a distance of 7.5 m, a noise reduction of 4 dBA is reached. Combined with the reduced level of vibrations, this is a significant improvement for the tamper.

Once the upgrade was complete, field staff of Deutsche Plasser was there during the machine’s first operation on a test track in the Netherlands to introduce the machine crew to the operation of the new device. Other Dutch contractors were on-site during the test run. The improvements made possible by the upgrade impressed them considerably.

BAM Infra Rail is particularly impressed by the improvements. They informed Deutsche Plasser that the machine‘s performance has been far beyond the expectations of the entire company – from the machine crew to the top management.

Further upgrade already arranged

Based on the positive experience, the company and Deutsche Plasser have already set the date for the next upgrade: the Win-ALC NG and the DRP data recording processor as a bundle. They will be installed in Leverkusen-Opladen in early 2018.

This upgrade is a preparation for operating the Unimat 09-32/4S together with a ballast management system (BDS) and a new P-IC control system to be supplied by Plasser & Theurer to the Netherlands in late 2018. The two machines will be used in train formation and must be able to communicate with each other.

In addition to an increase in the machine’s performance and availability, the customer benefits from the special price for the bundle offered on the occasion of iaf 2017.

Make the most of your machine

Many machines have been in operation for several decades. During this time, technological progress has been made. New machine functions make it possible to complete certain tasks more easily. Thanks to the top quality of the Plasser & Theurer machines, upgrading older machines with the latest technology really pays off: it increases the output achieved, enables a more flexible operation and reduces the machines‘ susceptibility to failure.

In close cooperation with the manufacturer Plasser & Theurer, we offer machine upgrades including various services. Contact us!


„We are excited about the upgrade to the new rotation speed modulation. The engine runs great and works quieter and quicker than before. In addition, we have saved a lot of fuel since the upgrade!”

drs. ing. R.A.M. Robert Pasteuning
Manager Materieelbedrijf, BAM Infra Rail