Routine maintenance:
High efficiency ensures low costs

When it becomes harder to make a profit, the time has come to act more consistently. Improving one’s own strengths is a good approach. Another one is to check areas where money might be saved by outsourcing.

Best possible requirements for efficient work

With its maintenance workshops, Deutsche Plasser has created the best possible requirements for the efficient handling of maintenance orders. The workshops are conveniently situated. They have their own connecting lines, offer enough space and are equipped with efficient production technology.

In these maintenance workshops of Deutsche Plasser it is now possible to achieve more in less time. Repairs, maintenance and overhauls can therefore be offered at remarkably affordable prices.

Your outsourcing partner for fleets of all sizes

As partner company of Plasser & Theurer, Deutsche Plasser offers the know-how required for the economic maintenance of all machine models standard in Europe. Therefore, the latest technical developments flow directly into the planning and implementation of maintenance works.

This competence coupled with generously dimensioned workshops even enables regular maintenance of entire machine fleets.

Maintenance workshop in Leverkusen/Opladen

This modern maintenance workshop has been operating since September 2010. The three through tracks in the hall have a length of 120 m each, two include a workshop pit. In addition, facilities for the environmentally-friendly washing of machinery are available in the adjacent washing bay. Next to it, a measuring track which is 60 m long as well as numerous sidings and trial tracks have been built. The tracks have a total length of more than 3,000 m.

The maintenance workshop in Leverkusen/Opladen is furnished with all the necessary equipment and facilities such as cranes, a bogie pit, numerous lifting jacks, wheelset scales and a profile measuring gauge. The hall itself accommodates various workshops, an enamelling line and storage facilities. Offices and staff rooms are located in the adjacent company building. Thanks to a training room and extensive track systems, practice-oriented training is possible on-site.

Quettinger Str. 250
51381 Leverkusen-Opladen
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