Repairs on track:
Competent in shortening stoppages

As a rule, machinery made by Plasser & Theurer operates trouble-free. However, it is possible that even these high-quality machines have unplanned stoppages.

In these situations, a call to Deutsche Plasser is often enough. Due to the technical knowledge and experience of our technical support staff, in some cases specific instructions are all that is needed to get the machine up and running again.

Ready for action, 7 days a week

If a repair is required on-site, then our service staff is available 7 days a week. It is based at service centres throughout Germany and can therefore reach any site relatively quickly.

Unique training for service technicians

The specialist knowledge we offer is just as important for quick and efficient repairs. Deutsche Plasser has specially trained service staff available for all types of machines.

Furthermore, following their initial training, newly recruited service technicians at Deutsche Plasser receive in-depth further training. These employees are mentored for three years by trainers with extensive practical experience. Only then do they start handling assignments independently.