Repairs and overhauls:
Ensuring performance

Repairs and overhauls are usually regarded as the straightforward elimination of damage and wear and tear. We at Deutsche Plasser take a different view. For us, every job creates an opportunity to secure the machine’s full performance.

First we analyse, then we define your order

In the case of both repairs and overhauls it is standard for Deutsche Plasser to analyse the machine’s condition. This happens before we commence work, as the action to be taken is based on this analysis.

Ultimately, the decision always lies with the customer. But we enable customers to base this decision on clear facts and a precise calculation.

Specialists for all machine areas

Nowadays machines made by Plasser & Theurer are complex systems which, depending on the parts, require specific technical knowledge. We therefore employ specialists for all major machine areas: for mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components as well as electrical and electronic devices. Thanks to these specialists we can offer repairs and overhauls where costs and benefits remain in an economically viable relation.