Faster processing

As tamping units are crucial to the cost-effective and efficient operation of tamping machines, companies are not willing to compromise when it comes to overhauling these components. The demand for high-quality overhaul has been constantly rising. The ever-growing number of orders is clear proof of this.

To meet this strong demand and to further increase the capacities of repair technology in Munich, Deutsche Plasser invested in a new washing and paint stripping plant to clean the units.

New washing and paint stripping plant for faster processing and an even higher level of overhaul quality

In a first washing cycle the unit coming right from operation is washed as a whole. This takes about 45 minutes. Afterwards, around 90 % of the grease and 80 % of the paint have been removed. Then, the unit is dismantled and the individual components are washed again. This enables thorough cleaning of previously inaccessible spots.

The entire cleaning process now only takes several hours. Compared to the entire cleaning process carried out so far, several workdays can be saved!

Besides, pre-washing by the customer is not required. The washing and paint stripping plant even cleans heavily soiled units without additional effort.

This new cleaning method is not only faster, but also enables a higher level of quality and increased outputs to be reached. As sandblasting is no longer carried out, possible cracks can be identified more easily and repaired individually.