Winter season highlights in Leverkusen-Opladen

Leverkusen-Opladen maintenance workshop was working to capacity until April 2019. Here are a few examples of what was done this winter season.

09-475/4S: rotation speed modulation and overhaul

Put into operation eight years ago, the machine will be overhauled and fitted with a rotation speed modulation for its hydraulic tamping units. The new feature makes it possible to modulate the rotation speed of tamping units during the individual work phases. The system increases the rotation speed when penetrating the ballast bed. As a result, the tamping tines penetrate highly compacted ballast beds more easily. At the same time, wear is demonstrably reduced. 

Moreover, noise is reduced by 4 dBA at a distance of 7.5 m.

SSP 110 D: rebuilding after fire damage

The front part of the machine (driver’s cabin, working cabin, incl. the engine compartment and working system) of the SSP 110 D was damaged by fire. The entire vehicle must be build up again. Only the frame and the working system (sweeper unit) in the rear part of the vehicle need not be repaired. At Leverkusen-Opladen maintenance workshop, we will carry out all works required, including painting, commissioning and functional testing on track.