Repair & Modernisation

In March 2018, a large Polish construction company took delivery of a Plasser & Theurer Duomatic 09-32 CSM. The machine was operating successfully until it derailed near Warsaw in mid-October 2019. Our customer decided to have the machine repaired by our Polish workshop. In the course of the repair, the machine will also be upgraded.

A derailment is one of the worst accidents a track maintenance machine can have. The Duomatic 09-32 CSM did not just derail, it then also tipped over sideways. The machine was so heavily damaged that a thorough examination and subsequent repair was inevitable.

Machine should remain in Poland

For the customer it was important that the machine remains in Poland during the repair work. Thanks to the excellent collaborative partnership with the machine operating company, our Polish office was able to secure the repair contract. The work will be carried out in a production hall of Trakcja PRKil in Wroclaw, which has been rented for fulfilling this contract.

Work to be carried out

The machine arrived at the hall on 18th December last year, work commenced on 7th January this year. Following a thorough examination of the damaged machine, a number of components were dismantled. The satellite was sent for repair to our maintenance workshop in Leverkusen-Opladen, the tamping units will be repaired at our Munich workshop. Bogies and wheelsets will be repaired by other partner companies. All other repair work, e.g. on the measuring car, will be carried out in Wroclaw.


As the machine will be out of action as a result of the repair work, the customer decided to have it upgraded at the same time. A gauge measurement system for the DRP recorder (Data Recording Processor) will be fitted, without delaying the eventual handback to the customer.

“We are pleased about the great trust in our work. I am confident that we will be able to carry out the repair work on time and to the usual high quality. I am especially delighted that we will also upgrade the machine.”

Wojciech Musial

Head of Poland office

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