New machines for Poland

This summer, three new universal tamping machines were delivered to Polish customers. Our service engineers from the Polish office were at hand to assist with the acceptance and successful commissioning of the machines.

The Polish railway construction companies PPMT, ZRK DOM and Dolkom are part of the Polish state-owned infrastructure manager PKP PLK and bought several machines. PPMT and DOLKOM each went for a Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic, while ZRK DOM purchased two Unimat 09-4x4/4S Dynamic and a 09-3X Dynamic. The latter had already been delivered in September 2019.

The new rotation speed modulation makes it possible to modulate the rotation speed of tamping units during the individual work phases. The system increases the rotation speed when penetrating the ballast bed. As a result, the tamping tines penetrate highly compacted ballast beds more easily. At the same time, wear is demonstrably reduced.

The integration of the Spot Tamping method for spot fault repair and diverse new features add to the range of applications of the SmartALC. This allows for all forms of operation - from optimising spot fault repair to large BIM projects.

Supply and commissioning

The machines were supplied between end of July and end of August 2020, following successful acceptance procedures at the Plasser & Theurer works in Linz. Accompanied by two Polish service engineers, the acceptance procedures were successfully concluded and the machines handed over to the customers.

In August, the machines were deployed for the first time in Malbork and Warsaw. During the first two weeks of machine operation, two to three service engineers were present: the joint commissioning process, which lasted three days, was followed by a 10-day training programme for the machine operators within the initial deployments.

During this time, our engineers provided advice and practical support to the customers’ machine operators and made sure that the machines work perfectly and are operated and used properly. This also ensured that the machines could be used to their full potential soon after delivery.

Satisfied customers

Our customers are very happy with the new machines and the achievable work results. They particularly appreciated the assistance and training by our Polish employees. Including them in the acceptance procedure in Linz early on ensured optimum support of our customers.

“This contract was a great pleasure for us. Our team was able to assist in introducing the latest track maintenance machines on the Polish railway market and in putting them into service successfully. We are confident that these machines will make a big contribution to increasing the quality of the Polish rail infrastructure.”

Wojciech Musial

Head of Polish office