This modernisation is the result of the increased use of public funds to improve the railway infrastructure in Poland. In the period from 2014 to 2020, the Polish government will invest more than 10 billion Euro for this purpose.

Changes in service strategies

Many Polish railway construction companies, too, are modernising their processes. Up to now, machines were often serviced, maintained and repaired in the companies’ own workshops, but of late a clear trend towards outsourcing can be noticed.

The services offered by Deutsche Plasser are perfectly positioned for such an approach to maintenance. We have invested in the expansion and modernisation of our services to meet the increased demands of the market.

More service engineers

The number of service engineers in Poland has been doubled to meet the increased demand for services. Instead of previously four, eight members of our staff are now looking after Plasser & Theurer machines in Poland. Due to the high level of demand, further expansion of this team is being considered.

New service offerings

The basic tasks of our Polish subsidiary are not affected. Our efforts to offer our Polish customers the best possible service based on their requirements continue to be at the centre of our attention.

To be able to fulfil this claim even better in future, Deutsche Plasser Poland under the management of Wojciech Musial is setting new trends: “Our aim is a custom-made service for our customers, from unexpected repairs, planned maintenance and overhauls to complete servicing of a machine fleet.”

Ready for the future

Deutsche Plasser Poland is thus ready for the future of the Polish railway construction industry. New and expanded service offerings, a noticeably larger team and the use of new technologies ensure that our Polish subsidiary will remain the first choice of Polish machine operators in future.

“We offer our Polish customers a comprehensive and flexible service: competent and focussed on their requirements.”

Wojciech Musial

Manager, Polish office