24/7 Service

Deutsche Plasser has always placed the focus on its customers. We want to support them in fulfilling their tasks successfully and cost-efficiently in the best possible way. A new offer enables us to meet our customers’ needs even more flexibly in the future.

Works are at full swing on the night-time work site. Suddenly, the machine breaks down. For any reason, at the most inconvenient time. The trained machine staff are at their wits' end. Deutsche Plasser’s Technical Customer Service can provide support, but will not be available before the next morning. Until then, the works must pause.

Situations like these can occur - despite the best components and wearing parts, and despite thorough servicing. They might be rare, but if they occur, their consequences are profound. To minimise their effects, Deutsche Plasser provides its customers with a new offer: the 24/7 Service.

At our customers’ side

Following our customers request, we will be at their side to an even greater degree than before - if necessary also 24/7. A first project of this kind will be launched in April 2018. We set up a telephone support service for one of our customers, available on weekdays from the afternoon to the early morning of the next day. The exact details are based on the customer’s needs.

In the present case, telephone support starts on weekdays at 20:30 and is available until 4:30 the next morning. Additional support for the weekend has been arranged for the machine’s working hours, available from Friday 12:00 to Monday 07:30.

Greater availability

When time is crucial, the requirements to be met by staff and machine are particularly high. Often, penalties are faced. Time saved thanks to careful preparation and provision of staff and material increases the availability of the machine. This reduces the risks in implementing contracts and fulfilling the customer’s requirements.

Flexible support

From temporary support for an important work site to a permanent 24/7 on-call service: the options are unlimited. We meet our customers’ needs flexibly.

Together with the customers, we develop an individual concept tailored to their needs. The range of services includes support via phone, the on-call services of a field technician available exclusively to the customer and the provision of defined spare parts and wearing parts.

In addition, we collaborate closely with P&T Connected. We use their services in the generation and analysis of machine data and the development of maintenance strategies to prepare an individual offer.

Higher reliability

Our 24/7 Service can be compared to an insurance cover. Hopefully, you will never need it. However, if an incident occurs, we will be at your side to ensure that your machine can work again at full performance as quickly as possible.

To ensure this, the machine’s maintenance strategy must be redefined. Instead of reacting to problems and correcting them after they occurred, we develop preventive concepts together with our customers. Our objective: to further increase the availability and reliability of the machine.

A conversation with Robert Riquel-Stadtlander

Will this new offer be available for all customers of Deutsche Plasser, supporting them around the clock, on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
That would be wonderful. Yet, it is impossible. However, we offer our customers to be on call exclusively for them for up to 24 hours. Individual service contracts will regulate the details. Together with interested customers, we will analyse their needs and resources. On this basis, we will prepare an offer.

So, it need not be 24 hours in every case?
No, we are very flexible. If on-call services are needed specifically for a few hours and nights only, we are happy to provide this service too. We use the concept of “24/7 Service” to express that Deutsche Plasser is at its customers disposal, if need be on up to 24 hours on 7 days a week. However, this service is also available for less time.

Can you give an estimate of the costs involved?
To give a reliable offer, too many variables must be taken into account. Our customers can rest assured that our offer will be fair and tailored to their needs.

Does this service make the costing of construction work easier?
Yes, it does. Our offer can be compared to an insurance cover. The insurance fee can be taken into account for budgeting. If an incident occurs, it does not result in sudden costs that are hard to estimate. Ultimately, we minimise our customers risk on two levels: if there is a problem with a machine, it can be put back into service more quickly thanks to preventive planning. Moreover, in terms of costs, risks are minimised to a large extent. As a result, the costs to be paid by the machine operator can be budgeted more easily.

  • Flexible service solution (temporary or permanent)
  • From phone support to an exclusive on-call service for your company
  • On up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Individual offer tailored to your requirements and needs